Zenfolio | BMAPS | 2015-52WP

I've decided that for 2015 I would challenge myself to become better at photography (shooting/editing) by doing some sort of 'project'. Initially I thought I would do a 365 but quickly learned that it would be too stressful to try and get something posted up every day. I didn't want to just throw some random shots up because I had to.

Instead, I decided to do a 52 week project. This would still get me shooting/editing more but it would allow me to pick my favorite from a week worth of shooting. It would also allow me to pick and dedicate a week to learning certain topics, ie: off camera flash, Brenizer Method, portraiture, etc.
1 - Going crazy in the snow! One day left before the holiday break is over...2 - Busy first week back to work & school3 - Learning to use off camera flash4 - Preston at Medina Park!5 - THE BOYS!6 - Owen the cat7 - Brenizer Method (bokeh panorama) attempt. Preston on Pretzel Tree Trail.8 - Lavender Pit - Bisbee, AZ.9 - Early morning Poo Poo (Point) First hike of the year!10 - Preston taking in the story on the Pretzel Tree trail.11 - The best ride at the mall!12 - A storm approaches...13 - Spring14 - Preston trying to figure out the hiking poles15 - Following the leader ♪ ♫16 - Adrian17 - Playing in the dirt18 - E30 For Sale19 - Tastes of Summer...20 - May Flowers